The PLS Difference

Pedestrian Law Scotland is an exciting, innovative legal service focused on providing injured pedestrians with unrivalled legal representation following a road traffic incident. Pedestrian Law Scotland aims to ensure that anyone involved in a road traffic collision and their families receive the best possible legal advice and representation.

Pedestrian Law Scotland’s dynamic team of highly experienced legal experts are also keen walkers.

Our leading solicitors have personal experience of the problems and hazards which pedestrians, especially the young and elderly, encounter when negotiating Scotland’s roads.

With offices up and down the country, we are able to provide sound legal advice and assistance to pedestrians all over Scotland who have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a road traffic incident.

At Pedestrian Law Scotland, personal service matters. We believe we are well placed to provide our clients with unrivalled legal service because:-

  • We are, first and foremost, experienced lawyers.
  • We believe in offering our clients access to justice.
  • We firmly believe in rehabilitation and if your injuries are such that you need help and support to enable you to get back to work following the incident, we can help.

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