Zebra crossings are not always safe havens

Zebra Crossing on Frederick Street

Rob was involved in a road traffic accident on 15th March 2014 around midnight.

He was on his way home after having a couple drinks in an Edinburgh bar with friends after work.

Work had finished for him at 9pm. He left the bar early and on his own because he was due back at work the next day.

He walked along George Street in an Easterly direction towards the zebra crossing at Frederick Street and crossed the first section. Zebra Crossing in the dark.png

He paused at the island in the middle because he noticed a taxi approaching. The taxi slowed and so he nodded at the taxi driver before proceeding to cross the road as after all he had a clear right of way.

Astonishingly, the taxi driver continued forward and hit Rob when he was almost on the other side. Rob suffered a flake fracture to his right wrist and ligament damage to his left wrist when he fell onto his outstretched hands.

It seems that even zebra crossings aren't safe havens for pedestrians when they should be.

The street was well lit and the taxi driver had seen Rob. Even a small bump at low speed can result in pedestrians sustaining significant injuries as Rob found out.

We acted for Rob after he contacted us.Thankfully, the taxi driver's insurers admitted liability and Rob was awarded £6,250 in damages.

However, it was a traumatic event and a rather nasty end to a rare night out.

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