Slip due to diesel spill on garage forecourt

Petrol station forecourtMalcolm was involved in a pedestrian related incident in September 2018.

He was on holiday with his wife touring around Scotland. He had stopped over in Skye and was at a fuelling station when he slipped on the forecourt due to a substantial spill that had not been cleared.

Initially Malcolm believed he could deal with the claim himself and so he made contact with the insurer directly. He did receive an admission of liability and so the insurer proceeded to instruct a medical report in order to assess the extent of Malcolm’s injuries.

It was at this point that Malcolm realised he did not know the potential value of his claim. He had sustained a significant injury to his shoulder and this was impacting on his daily life. He had not long retired and had hoped to spend much of his retirement on the golf course. This was now no longer an option for him!

Malcolm initially contacted a local solicitor, close to where he lives in Wolverhampton, England. They subsequently contacted Pedestrian Law Scotland as they did not have jurisdiction to deal with a claim in Scotland.

We arranged to speak with Malcolm and obtain a full statement regarding his injuries and ongoing difficulties. We took over all correspondence with the insurers and proceeded to instruct our medical experts for a report.

As part of the investigation, we also went to meet Malcolm at home because it was important that we understood how his injury impacted on his daily living and also get to know the support network he had at home.

We made sure to instruct a shoulder specialist that was local to Malcolm and provided a detailed letter of instruction explaining his ongoing difficulties and how the injury impacted him as an individual.

It was only through gathering this medical evidence that we were able to adequately value Malcolm’s claim. We were able to secure settlement in five figures and Malcolm was delighted.

He said “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive an amount like this. When I first contacted the insurers about covering my expenses from the fall, I thought I might receive £5,000 to £10,000. I cannot thank Pedestrian Law Scotland enough”.

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