Pedestrian Accident Case Law


Jackson v Murray (2015) 

A 13 year old girl is hit by a car following alighting from a school minibus and attempting to cross the road. Read more >>>

Kite v Nolan (1982)

A 5 year old boy runs onto the road from between a parked car and an ice cream van and is knocked over by a passing motorist. Read more >>> 

Paramasivan v Wicks (2013)

A 13 yr old child runs onto a road from between two parked cars and is hit by a passing motorist. Read more >>>

AB v Main [2015] EWHC 3183 (QB)

An 8 year-old boy runs onto a road without looking and is knocked down. Read more >>>

O’Connor v Stuttard [2011] EWCA Civ 829

A 9 year-old boy is hit by a passing motorist while out playing with friends. Read more >>>


Alighting from buses

Osei-Antwi v South East London and Kent Bus Company Limited (2010)

A girl gets off a bus and when standing next to some railing is hit by the same bus as it turns sharp left. Read more >>>

Rose v South East London and Kent Bus Company Limited (2004)

A girl crossing a road is hit by a bus as she slips before reaching the other side. Read more >>>

McCreery v Letson and others (2015)

A pedestrian is struck by a van after stepping out from behind a bus to cross the road. Read more >>>


Pedestrian Crossing

London Passenger Transport Board v Upson [1949]

A pedestrian crossing a street at a controlled pedestrian crossing was knocked down by a bus whose driver's view had been obscured by another vehicle at the crossing. read more >>> 

Kozimor v Adey (1962)

A 40 year old woman runs onto an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing and is hit by a passing motorist. Read more >>>

Snow v Giddins 

A pedestrian tried to cross the road near to a pedestrian crossing with a central refuge but is struck by a passing motorcycle. Read more >>>

Goddard and Walker v Greenwood (2002)

Two joggers are struck by a vehicle as they cross a zebra crossing. Read more >>>

Sang v Cornes (2005)

A pedestrian is knocked over by a car whilst crossing the road. Read more >>>


Struck by a motor vehicle/motorcycle

Spiller v Brown (1999)

A woman attempts to cross the road in front of a bus from which she had just got off and is hit by a  motorist travelling in the same direction as the bus. Read more >>>

Tremayne v Hill (1987)

A motorist drives through red lights at a junction and knocks over a pedestrian who is crossing the road just beyond the junction. Read more >>>

Scott v Gavigan (2016)

A pedestrian was injured when he took the decision to cross the road, across the path of a moped rider coming the other way and who was travelling at the speed limit. The moped rider admitted not braking on his approach to the pedestrian. The Court of Appeal ruled a pedestrian wholly liable for his injuries. Read more >>>

Buck v Ainslie & Anor [2017] CSOH 73

A driver collides with a pedestrian who suddenly steps out in front of her vehicle giving her no time to react. The driver (Ainslie) only noticed Buck when his white trainers reflected in the car headlights. The Judge viewed that negligence could not be established on the part of the driver and the case was thrown out. Read the full case review here >>>

Sabir v Osei-Kwabena [2015] EWCA Civ 1213

A pedestrian crossing a busy road is hit by a passing motorist. Read more here >>>

Dursan v J Sainsbury PLC [2015] EWHC 233 (QB)

A pedestrian suffers fatal injuries after being hit by lorry whilst attempting to cross a road between lines of queueing traffic. Read more here >>>

Bruma (A Protected Party) v Hassan [2017]

A pedestrian is struck by a vehicle when crossing the road and omitting to use the pelican crossing. Read the case review here >>>


Pedestrians on pavements

McEwan v Lothian Buses

A pedestrian is struck by the mirror of a bus whilst walking down the pavement. Read more >>>

Chapman v Post Office (1982)

A pedestrian is struck by the mirror of a car whilst waiting on a pavement. Read more >>>

Thomas v Kostanjevec (2004) 

A man was attempting to cross a road but was knocked down and killed by a passing motorcyclist which was travelling within the speed limit. Read more >>>


Pedestrians under the influence of alcohol

Smith v Bluebird Buses (2014)

A drunk pedestrian attempts to cross the road and is struck by a bus. Read more >>>

Birch v Paulson (2012)

A drunk man steps out into the path of a passing motorist and is knocked down. Read more >>>

Green v Bannister (2003)

A drunken man collapses in a cul de sac and is run over by a reversing car. Read more >>>

Lunt v Khelifa (2002)

A pedestrian under the influence of alcohol was knocked down at a junction normally controlled by traffic lights. Read more >>>

Eagle v Chambers (2003)

A 17yr old was found to be 60% to blame when she was knocked over by a motorist, however, on appeal this was reduced to 40%. To find out why, read more >>>

Parkinson v Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police (2004)

A drunken pedestrian is knocked over and injured by a Police car in a built up area. Read more >>>

Lightfoot v Go-Ahead Group PLC [2011] EWHC 89 (QB)

A drunk pedestrian is hit by a bus while trying to flag it down. Read more >>>

Gilmour v Linea Directa Aseguradora Sa Compania Se Seguros Y Reaseguros 

A drunk pedestrian is hit by a motorcyclist and pillion when crossing a road in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain. Read more >>>


Pedestrians and Road Surface Defects

Crawley v Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council [2017] 

A jogger suffers severe ankle injury after falling into a pothole. Read more >>>

Pocock v The Highland Council [2017] CSOH 40

A pedestrian suffers knee injury after tripping on uneven paving slab. Read more >>>

Peter Foster v Dundee City Council & Anor (2011)

A pedestrian trips on an uncovered drain and sustains injury. Read more >>> 

Pedestrians on buses

Steel v McGill’s Bus Service Ltd [2015] CSOH 5

An elderly woman suffers a serious fall after bus driver sets off without waiting for her to be seated. Read more >>>


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