No Win No Fee

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, the process of preparing your claim will involve expense. However, right from the start, you can rest assured we will not ask you to pay any expenses.

We take the view that ifyou have at least a 50% prospect of success, we will fund your case for you. We will pay for medical reports, Police reports and even road traffic accident reconstruction costs.

Pedestrian Law Scotland operates on a "no win-no fee" basis. We offer a risk free, personal injury package at no cost to you.

If, following your initial meeting with one of our legal team whether by phone, email exchange or in person, a decision is made to take your case on, then we will provide you with access to justice at no cost. If you lose the case, you simply “walk away”, with NO legal fees to pay and NO liability for the other side’s legal costs.

Upon successful conclusion, unlike many claims companies and Lawyers, we don’t take a percentage cut of your claim in exchange for providing you with a specialist service. The vast majority of our fees are recovered from the losing party.

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