The Claim

At Pedestrian Law Scotland, we can assist you in recovering compensation for your loss, injury and damage.

You can claim for any reasonable loss which arises as a direct consequence of the accident.

Personal Injury

Unfortunately, as a pedestrian, you are exposed to the risk of serious injury and if you have been injured it may take some time for the injuries to heal. We can arrange to have you medically examined by a specialist medical expert to assess the extent of your injuries and the likely recovery period. The value of your claim for personal injury very much depends upon the type of injury and the recovery you have made or are likely to make. 

Loss of Income

You are entitled to claim loss of income if your injuries prevented you from working. This applies to both employed workers and self employed workers. During your absence, you may have suffered a reduction in take home pay or perhaps had to turn down work. We will work with your employer or accountant to prove the loss of income. If your injuries are so severe that you can’t get back to work or have to look for alternative work, we will work with vocational experts to assess your loss of income and any future loss of income.


You can claim for any reasonable expenses such as private physiotherapy. If your personal effects were damaged or lost, you can claim the cost. Mobile phones are often damaged or IT equipment held in rucksacks or laptop bags

Needs and services

Due to your injuries, you may need extra help from relatives providing you with personal care or you may not be able to contribute to household tasks. In serious injury cases, your cost of care needs to be assessed with expert help and input from "Needs and Care" specialists and Occupational Therapists. We have a long and proud tradition of working with the best Needs and Care experts in Scotland. It is important that you keep a list of all expenses and losses incurred following upon your accident.

Maximum financial recovery in the shortest possible time

We can discuss your case with you in detail and will explain specifically what constitutes a loss and how your claim is valued. We recognise that injuries will vary in severity and we have provided a helpful guide in our injuries section.

Our priority is to obtain the maximum financial recovery in the shortest possible time. We will not compromise your claim by early settlement and will be guided by the medical experts in respect of your recovery or likely recovery period before we value your claim. This process will be undertaken in consultation with you to give you a clear understanding of how the lawyers assess the value of a claim for compensation. 

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