Goddard and Walker v Greenwood (2002)

Goddard and Walker were jogging across a pedestrian crossing, regulated by traffic lights, on a three lane carriageway.

The light changed to green and both Goddard and Walker started to cross the road.

Greenwood collided with Goddard and Walker as they ran onto the road in front of him.

The Court ruled in favour of Greenwood at first instance as, due to the traffic lights changing to green, he had no obligation to slow down or stop.

However, on appeal, due to the fact there was a lorry stationary to Greenwood's left, it was held he should have been vigilant to the fact pedestrians might have been crossing particularly due to the fact the traffic lights had just changed to green.

In addition, the Court stated a cautious driver would have anticipated this and would have acted accordingly.

It was therefore held G was liable.

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