Pedestrian accident compensation claims

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, or if you’re a family member seeking to make a claim for compensation on behalf of someone who has been fatally involved in a pedestrian accident, you’ll likely be looking for a financial compensation settlement that’s fair.

When you become the victim of a pedestrian accident, it’s important to seek out a professional and experienced legal service, such as Pedestrian Law Scotland, who specialise in pedestrian law and compensation claims for accidents involving pedestrian victims.

Our highly-trained team at Pedestrian Law Scotland also offer expert representation in pedestrian accident claims where the victim is unfortunate enough to be seeking a claim for 'hit and run' compensation. Did you know, it’s still possible to make a compensation claim for a 'hit and run' incident where the driver is not identified?

At Pedestrian Law Scotland, we’ll make sure you know exactly what your rights are and give you the confidence to seek the compensation you deserve after being involved in a 'hit or run' incident, or any other type of accident where you are injured as a pedestrian.

What is considered a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian accident often occurs between a person on the pavement or road and a motor vehicle. However, not all pedestrian accidents involve a motor vehicle.

Accidents involving pedestrians can also be categorised as those such as a trip, slip or fall due to defects with the road or pavement – particularly common amongst elderly pedestrians.

At Pedestrian Law Scotland, we take on all different types of pedestrian accident cases, including hit and run compensation claims. We’re happy to discuss your case if you were:

  • The victim of a road traffic collision at a pedestrian crossing
  • Struck by a motor vehicle when crossing the road
  • Struck by a motor vehicle on the pavement
  • Seeking compensation for an incident involving a child
  • The victim of a hit and run road traffic incident
  • The victim of a hit and run road traffic accident with an uninsured driver
  • A pedestrian under the influence of alcohol
  • Injured in a fall, slip or trip on the pavement or road
  • An elderly victim injured in a fall, slip or trip

“I’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident. Am I entitled to compensation?”

According to the UK Government, over 7,500 adults and children were killed or seriously injured in a pedestrian accident in 2019, which is around 25% of all casualties involved in a road accident during that year. The full report can be accessed here.

If you’ve suffered injuries as a consequence of a pedestrian accident, or if someone you know has been tragically involved in a fatal incident, you may be entitled to compensation.

These injuries can range from minor knocks, to life-altering conditions, and our team at Pedestrian Law Scotland will support your pedestrian accident claim, helping you to get a fair financial settlement that you are satisfied with.

We recommend speaking to a professional legal service about your options and what compensation you may be entitled to as soon as possible after the incident – although you will usually have up to three years to make a claim.

At Pedestrian Law Scotland, you can call us for a free no obligation consultation on 0333 555 7781 and we’ll run you through your options when seeking financial compensation for a pedestrian accident. You could also complete our Start my claim form.

We also work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which means we’ll take full financial liability for any costs involved in the claims process.

'Hit and run' compensation: What are my options?

A 'hit and run' incident occurs when the driver of the offending motor vehicle leaves the scene of the accident without stopping.

When seeking 'hit and run' compensation, it can be challenging to navigate what you’re entitled to, especially if the driver is never identified. However, we want to assure you that there are numerous legal options available to you when making a 'hit and run' compensation claim.

Hit and run compensation: If the driver is identified

If you’re involved in a 'hit and run' incident and the driver is subsequently identified from information you or witnesses have given to the police, you’ll be able to seek compensation from the offender.

Hit and run compensation: If the driver is not identified

In 'hit and run' incidents where the driver’s identity is never uncovered, you’re able to make a claim to the Motor Insurers' Bureau, who reward compensation to pedestrians left with injuries or property damage sustained in a 'hit and run' accident.

Pedestrian Law Scotland can help you with the application process to the Motor Insurers' Bureau and help you seek financial reward that’s fair.

For more information on how Pedestrian Law Scotland can support your compensation claim after being involved in a pedestrian accident, call 0333 555 7781 today.