Collisions Between Vehicles and Pedestrians

Pedestrians and car

Motorists are expected to exercise a reasonable standard of care and attention while driving, and will be held legally liable under the law of negligence if they fail to drive safely and by doing so cause an accident.

Motorists are commonly found to be at fault for accidents when they are driving too fast and breaking the speed limit, or when they fail to observe road signs and signals, such as running through a red light or flashing zebra crossing.

Drivers may also not pay proper attention to the road if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if they are simply distracted whilst talking on a mobile phone, eating, listening to music,setting SATNAV or simply chatting to a passenger.

There is also the possibility that their vehicle suffers from a maintenance flaw such as faulty brakes, or that the road itself is in a poor condition (the appropriate local authority can be held responsible for an accident in this instance).